Name Bronchiestasis
Type Disease or Syndrome
Group Respiratory
Data Sources

Clinical Terminologies Read Version 2
Codelists axson_bronchiestasis_ZckoXfUWNXn8Jn7fdLQuxj_ICD10.csv axson_bronchiestasis_ZckoXfUWNXn8Jn7fdLQuxj_ICD11.csv axson_bronchiestasis_ZckoXfUWNXn8Jn7fdLQuxj_SNOMEDCT.csv axson_bronchiestasis_ZckoXfUWNXn8Jn7fdLQuxj_UKBIOBANK.csv
Valid Event Data Range 01/01/2001 - 31/12/2019
Sex Female
Authors Eleanor L Axson, Jennifer K Quint
Agreement Date 20 Jun 2019
Version (UUID) 1 (ZckoXfUWNXn8Jn7fdLQuxj)

Primary care

Read v2 Code SNOMED CT Concept ID SNOMED CT Description ID Description Used by Quint et al. 2016
H34..00 12295008 21163015 Bronchiectasis Y
H34z.00 12295008 21163015 Bronchiectasis NOS Y
P861.00 77593006 128792019 Congenital bronchiectasis Y
H341.00 195985008 301525010 Post-infective bronchiectasis Y
H340.00 195984007 301524014 Recurrent bronchiectasis Y
A115.00 23022004 38677017 Tuberculous bronchiectasis Y

Secondary care


ICD-10 code ICD-10 term
J47 Bronchiectasis
ICD-11 code ICD-11 term
CA24 Bronchiectasis

UK Biobank

Code Description
22154 Age bronchiectasis diagnosed by doctor
131498 Date J47 first reported (bronchiectasis)
22134 Doctor diagnosed bronchiectasis
22174 Recent medication for bronchiectasis
131499 Source of report of J47 (bronchiectasis)


ICD-10 code ICD-10 term
J47 Bronchiectasis