Name Hearing loss
Type Disease or Syndrome
Group Disease or Syndrome
Data Sources

Clinical Terminologies Read Version 2
Codelists cardoso_hearing_loss_KiGT2GxSNkwPD8RPF6ZPne_Read2.csv cardoso_hearing_loss_KiGT2GxSNkwPD8RPF6ZPne_ICD10.csv
Valid Event Data Range 01/01/1901-31/12/2019
Sex Female
Authors Cardoso V., Nirantharakumar K., Gkoutos G
Agreement Date 3 Jun 2020
Version (UUID) 1 (KiGT2GxSNkwPD8RPF6ZPne)

Primary care

readcode Description
F59..00 Hearing loss
F59..11 Deafness
F591.00 Sensorineural hearing loss
8D23.00 Ear fitting hearing aid
F59z.00 Deafness NOS
F590000 Unspecified conductive hearing loss
1C13100 Unilateral deafness
F580100 Presbyacusis
1C13200 Partial deafness
F591000 Unspecified perceptive hearing loss
F591.13 Perceptive deafness
F581211 Noise induced deafness
F591.11 High frequency deafness
ZV53200 [V]Fitting or adjustment of hearing aid
F591211 Nerve deafness
F593.00 Deaf mutism, NEC
8D2..12 Hearing aid provision
1C13300 Bilateral deafness
P40..00 Ear anomalies with hearing impairment
2BL4.00 O/E - very deaf
1C12.00 Hearing difficulty
F582.00 Unspecified sudden hearing loss
1C13.11 Deafness symptom
F591200 Neural hearing loss
2BM2.11 O/E - conductive deafness
F592100 Mixed conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, bilateral
Z911100 Fit hearing aid
2BM3.11 O/E - perceptive deafness
ZE87.17 HOH - Hard of hearing
F591.12 Low frequency deafness
F590.00 Conductive hearing loss
ZE87.00 Hearing loss
F592.11 Mixed hearing loss
F591600 Sensorineural hearing loss, bilateral
2DG..00 Hearing aid worn
ZE87.11 Deafness
F591400 Congenital sensorineural deafness
Z9E8100 Hearing aid provision
ZE7..00 Hearing problem
ZE87.16 HL - Hearing loss
SJ15.12 Deafness - traumatic - NOS
ZE87.15 HI - Hearing impairment
2BL3.00 O/E - significantly deaf
2BL..11 O/E - deaf
2BL2.00 O/E - slightly deaf
1C13.00 Deafness
A560200 Rubella deafness
F592.00 Mixed conductive and sensorineural deafness
ZV41200 [V]Problems with hearing
F581200 Noise-induced hearing loss
F591z00 Perceptive hearing loss NOS
F59z.11 Chronic deafness
Z8B5500 Difficulty using hearing aid
1C16.00 Deteriorating hearing
ZE87.18 Hearing impairment
Z8B5311 Uses hearing aid
F591100 Sensory hearing loss
F590500 Conductive hearing loss, bilateral
ZE87.19 Hearing impaired
F594.00 High frequency deafness
Z8B5300 Does use hearing aid
ZE87.12 Difficulty hearing
7311A00 Insertn bone anchors subcutaneous bone anchored hearing aid
2BM4.00 O/E - High tone deafness
ZE87.13 Hard of hearing
2BL5.00 O/E - completely deaf
F592000 Mix cond/sensneurl hear loss,unlat unrestrc hear/contrlat sd
F591700 Sensorineurl hear loss,unilat unrestrict hear/contralat side
Z911.00 Hearing aid procedure
2BM3.00 O/E tune fork=perceptive deaf
Z911500 Checking hearing aid
P40z.11 Deafness due to congenital anomaly NEC
F590300 Conductive hearing loss due to disorder of middle ear
F590z00 Conductive hearing loss NOS
Z8B5200 Unable to use hearing aid
F590100 Conductive hearing loss due to disorder of external ear
F59y.00 Other specified forms of hearing loss
1C18.00 Difficulty hearing with background noise
2BM2.00 O/E -tune fork=conductive deaf
F590600 Conduct hear loss,unilat+unrestric hearing on contralat side
F595.00 Low frequency deafness
F590.11 Conductive deafness
F591500 Ototoxicity - deafness
1C17.00 Hearing aid problem
F590200 Conductive hearing loss due to disorder of tympanic membrane
FyuU100 [X]Other specified hearing loss
F591y00 Combined perceptive hearing loss
8D21.00 Provide head worn hearing aid
1C19.00 Difficulty hearing whispers
F590y00 Combined conductive hearing loss
F591300 Central hearing loss
FyuU000 [X]Deaf mutism, not elsewhere classified
F590400 Conductive hearing loss due to disorder of inner ear
F5A..00 Hearing impairment
ZV45N00 [V]Bone anchored hearing aid in situ
F596.00 Maternally inherited deafness

Secondary care


ICD10code ICD10codeDescr
H90 Conductive and sensorineural hearing loss
H90.0 Conductive hearing loss, bilateral
H90.1 Conductive hearing loss, unilateral with unrestricted hearing on the contralateral side
H90.2 Conductive hearing loss, unspecified
H90.3 Sensorineural hearing loss, bilateral
H90.4 Sensorineural hearing loss, unilateral with unrestricted hearing on the contralateral side
H90.5 Sensorineural hearing loss, unspecified
H90.6 Mixed conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, bilateral
H90.7 Mixed conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, unilateral with unrestricted hearing on the contralateral side
H90.8 Mixed conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, unspecified
H91 Other hearing loss
H91.0 Ototoxic hearing loss
H91.1 Presbycusis
H91.2 Sudden idiopathic hearing loss
H91.3 Deaf mutism, not elsewhere classified
H91.8 Other specified hearing loss
H91.9 Hearing loss, unspecified