Name CCU002_02 Lipid lowering medication
Type Disease or Syndrome
Group Disease or Syndrome
Data Sources

Clinical Terminologies British National Formulary (BNF)
Codelists covid_impact_ccu00202_lipid_lowering_England_BNF.csv
Valid Event Data Range 08/12/2020 - 18/03/2021
Sex Female
Authors CVD-COVID-UK consortium, William N Whiteley, Samantha Ip, Jennifer A Cooper, Thomas Bolton, Spencer Keene, Venexia Walker, Rachel Denholm, Ashley Akbari, Efosa Omigie, Sam Hollings, Emanuele Di Angelantonio, Spiros Denaxas, Angela Wood, Jonathan A C Sterne, Cathie Sudlow
Agreement Date 23 Aug 2021
Version (UUID) Revision 1 (COVID-IMPACT)


Code type is set to 1 for incident events, and 0 for prevalent events.

England primary care EHR: Lipid lowering medication

terminology code term
BNF 0212000ACAAABAB Simvastatin 40mg / Ezetimibe 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000Q0AAAAAA Gemfibrozil 300mg capsules
BNF 0212000M0AAAAAA Fluvastatin 20mg capsules
BNF 0212000M0BEAAAD Dorisin XL 80mg tablets
BNF 0212000K0AAAAAA Colestipol 5g granules sachets sugar free
BNF 0212000P0BBACAC Lipantil Micro 67 capsules
BNF 0212000A0AAAAAA Acipimox 250mg capsules
BNF 0212000Y0BDAAAA Simvador 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000X0AAABAB Pravastatin 20mg tablets
BNF 0212000Q0AAABAB Gemfibrozil 600mg tablets
BNF 0212000Y0AAAKAK Simvastatin 20mg/5ml oral suspension sugar free
BNF 0212000F0BBAAAB Questran 4g oral powder sachets
BNF 0212000B0AAALAL Atorvastatin 10mg chewable tablets sugar free
BNF 0212000B0AAAHAH Atorvastatin 10mg/5ml oral liquid
BNF 0212000AHBBAAAA Repatha SureClick 140mg/1ml inj pre-filled pens
BNF 0212000B0AAANAN Atorvastatin 30mg tablets
BNF 0212000B0AAADAD Atorvastatin 80mg tablets
BNF 0212000AAAAAAAA Rosuvastatin 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000P0AAAEAE Fenofibrate micronised 160mg tablets
BNF 0212000K0AAACAC Colestipol 1g tablets
BNF 0212000AHBBABAB Repatha 140mg/1ml solution for injection pre-filled syringes
BNF 0212000K0BBACAC Colestid 1g tablets
BNF 0212000P0BCAAAE Supralip 160mg tablets
BNF 0212000B0BBADAD Lipitor 80mg tablets
BNF 0212000L0BBAAAA Ezetrol 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000M0BBACAD Lescol XL 80mg tablets
BNF 0212000X0BBABAB Lipostat 20mg tablets
BNF 0212000B0BBAEAL Lipitor 10mg chewable tablets
BNF 0212000AAAAABAB Rosuvastatin 20mg tablets
BNF 0212000ABBGAAAA Omega 3 1000mg capsules
BNF 0212000P0BDAAAF Fenogal 200mg capsules
BNF 0212000AGAAAAAA Policosanol 10mg capsules
BNF 0212000X0BBACAD Lipostat 40mg tablets
BNF 0212000X0AAAKAK Pravastatin 5mg/5ml oral liquid
BNF 0212000ACBBAAAA Inegy 10mg/20mg tablets
BNF 0212000L0AAAAAA Ezetimibe 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000B0BBAAAA Lipitor 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000AHAAABAB Evolocumab 140mg/1ml inj pre-filled syringes
BNF 0212000AIAAAAAA Alirocumab 75mg/1ml inj pre-filled disposable devices
BNF 0212000P0BBADAD Lipantil Micro 267 capsules
BNF 0212000ABBCAAAA Teromeg 1000mg capsules
BNF 0212000D0AAAAAA Bezafibrate 200mg tablets
BNF 021200010BBAAAA Modalim 100mg tablets
BNF 0212000Y0BDABAB Simvador 20mg tablets
BNF 0212000ACBBACAC Inegy 10mg/80mg tablets
BNF 0212000M0BGAAAD Nandovar XL 80mg tablets
BNF 0212000ABBIAAAA G & G Omega 3 1000mg softgels capsules
BNF 0212000M0BBABAB Lescol 40mg capsules
BNF 0212000D0AAACAC Bezafibrate 200mg/5ml oral suspension
BNF 0212000Y0BDACAD Simvador 40mg tablets
BNF 0212000Q0BBAAAA Lopid 300mg capsules
BNF 0212000ADBBAAAA Cholestagel 625mg tablets
BNF 0212000Y0AAAAAA Simvastatin 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000A0BBAAAA Olbetam 250mg capsules
BNF 0212000M0AAADAD Fluvastatin 80mg modified-release tablets
BNF 0212000ABBHAAAA Dualtis 1000mg capsules
BNF 0212000ADAAAAAA Colesevelam 625mg tablets
BNF 0212000Y0BBACAD Zocor 40mg tablets
BNF 0212000AABBACAC Crestor 40mg tablets
BNF 0212000ACAAACAC Simvastatin 80mg / Ezetimibe 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000D0BBAAAA Bezalip 200mg tablets
BNF 0212000AIBBABAB Praluent 150mg/1ml solution for injection pre-filled pens
BNF 0212000AHAAAAAA Evolocumab 140mg/1ml inj pre-filled disposable devices
BNF 0212000ALAAAAAA Bempedoic acid 180mg / Ezetimibe 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000B0AAAMAM Atorvastatin 20mg chewable tablets sugar free
BNF 0212000B0AAAFAF Atorvastatin 20mg/5ml oral solution
BNF 0212000D0BFAAAB Fibrazate XL 400mg tablets
BNF 0212000ABBFAAAA Nebbaro 1000mg capsules
BNF 0212000B0AAACAC Atorvastatin 40mg tablets
BNF 0212000AABBADAD Crestor 5mg tablets
BNF 0212000B0BBAFAM Lipitor 20mg chewable tablets
BNF 0212000AKBBAAAA Nilemdo 180mg tablets
BNF 0212000AABBAAAA Crestor 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000X0AAAHAH Pravastatin 40mg/5ml oral liquid
BNF 0212000Y0AAADAD Simvastatin 40mg tablets
BNF 0212000AIBBAAAA Praluent 75mg/1ml solution for injection pre-filled pens
BNF 0212000F0BBACAE Questran Light 4g oral powder sachets
BNF 0212000X0AAADAD Pravastatin 40mg tablets
BNF 0212000P0AAADAD Fenofibrate micronised 267mg capsules
BNF 0212000AAAAACAC Rosuvastatin 40mg tablets
BNF 0212000Y0AAAHAH Simvastatin 80mg tablets
BNF 0212000ABBDAAAA Prestylon 1g capsules
BNF 0212000AABBABAB Crestor 20mg tablets
BNF 0212000P0AAABAB Fenofibrate micronised 200mg capsules
BNF 0212000P0AAAFAF Fenofibrate 200mg capsules
BNF 0212000M0BCAAAD Luvinsta XL 80mg tablets
BNF 0212000Y0BBADAH Zocor 80mg tablets
BNF 0212000P0AAACAC Fenofibrate micronised 67mg capsules
BNF 0212000B0AAAQAQ Atorvastatin 20mg/5ml oral suspension
BNF 0212000M0AAABAB Fluvastatin 40mg capsules
BNF 0212000B0AAAPAP Atorvastatin 60mg tablets
BNF 0212000B0AAABAB Atorvastatin 20mg tablets
BNF 0212000M0BBAAAA Lescol 20mg capsules
BNF 0212000B0BBACAC Lipitor 40mg tablets
BNF 0212000ABAAAAAA Eicosapentaenoic acid 460mg/Docosahexaenoic acid 380mg caps
BNF 0212000ACAAAAAA Simvastatin 20mg / Ezetimibe 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000V0AAABAB Eicosapentaenoic acid 170mg/Docosahexaenoic acid 115mg caps
BNF 0212000F0AAAEAE Colestyramine 4g oral powder sachets sugar free
BNF 0212000B0AAAIAI Atorvastatin 80mg/5ml oral suspension
BNF 0212000D0AAABAB Bezafibrate 400mg modified-release tablets
BNF 0212000Q0BBABAB Lopid 600mg tablets
BNF 0212000B0BBABAB Lipitor 20mg tablets
BNF 0212000P0BBABAB Lipantil Micro 200 capsules
BNF 0212000U0AAABAB Nicotinic acid 50mg tablets
BNF 0212000AJAAABAB Fenofibrate 145mg / Simvastatin 40mg tablets
BNF 0212000X0AAAAAA Pravastatin 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000AAAAADAD Rosuvastatin 5mg tablets
BNF 0212000V0BBABAB MaxEPA 1g capsules
BNF 0212000Y0BBABAB Zocor 20mg tablets
BNF 0212000ABBJAAAA AceOmeg 1000mg capsules
BNF 0212000D0BBABAB Bezalip Mono 400mg modified-release tablets
BNF 0212000AJAAAAAA Fenofibrate 145mg / Simvastatin 20mg tablets
BNF 0212000Y0AAABAB Simvastatin 20mg tablets
BNF 0212000Y0BDADAH Simvador 80mg tablets
BNF 0212000B0AAAAAA Atorvastatin 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000Y0BBAAAA Zocor 10mg tablets
BNF 0212000U0AAAVAV Nicotinic acid 500mg modified-release tablets
BNF 021200010AAAAAA Ciprofibrate 100mg tablets
BNF 0212000B0AAAGAG Atorvastatin 40mg/5ml oral liquid
BNF 0212000Y0AAALAL Simvastatin 40mg/5ml oral suspension sugar free
BNF 0212000K0BBABAA Colestid Orange 5g granules sachets
BNF 0212000ALBBAAAA Nustendi 180mg/10mg tablets
BNF 0212000ACBBABAB Inegy 10mg/40mg tablets
BNF 0212000AIAAABAB Alirocumab 150mg/1ml inj pre-filled disposable devices
BNF 0212000ABBBAAAA Omacor capsules
BNF 0212000AKAAAAAA Bempedoic acid 180mg tablets
BNF 0212000F0AAABAB Colestyramine 4g oral powder sachets
BNF 0212000K0BBAAAA Colestid 5g granules sachets plain
BNF 0212000ABBEAAAA Omega 3-acid-ethyl esters 1000mg capsules
BNF 0212000AJBBAAAA Cholib 145mg/20mg tablets
BNF 0212000Y0BBAEAA Zocor Heart-Pro 10mg tablets


Association of COVID-19 vaccines ChAdOx1 and BNT162b2 with major venous, arterial, and thrombocytopenic events: whole population cohort study in 46 million adults in England

CVD-COVID-UK consortium, William N Whiteley, Samantha Ip, Jennifer A Cooper, Thomas Bolton, Spencer Keene, Venexia Walker, Rachel Denholm, Ashley Akbari, Efosa Omigie, Sam Hollings, Emanuele Di Angelantonio, Spiros Denaxas, Angela Wood, Jonathan A C Sterne, Cathie Sudlow

medRxiv 2021.08.18.21262222; doi: