Name Homelessness
Type Lifestyle Risk Factor
Group Lifestyle Risk Factor
Data Sources
Clinical Terminologies Read Version 2
Codelists nanjo_homelessness_JqaBFwL3px7cCdDZFo4sDP_Read2.csv
Valid Event Data Range 01/01/1999 - 01/07/2019
Sex Female
Authors Nanjo, A., Banerjee A.
Agreement Date 27 May 2019
Version (UUID) 1 (JqaBFwL3px7cCdDZFo4sDP)

Primary care

readcode readterm medcode
13D..11 Homeless 2562
13D..00 Housing lack 9367
13D2.00 Homeless single person 25452
13D1.00 Homeless family 32774
13DZ.00 Housing lack NOS 52386
9k6..00 Homeless - enhanced services administration 67112
9k60.00 Homeless - enhanced service completed 96605
13D8.00 Length of time homeless 104962
9Ngr.00 Under care of homeless advocacy service 107393
ZV60000 [V]Lack of housing 31661
13F9.00 Living in hostel 31951
ZV60014 [V]Tramp 103510
13D3.11 Tramp 32753
13FL.00 Living rough 34506
13FA.00 Living in B&B accommodation 35716
13D5.00 Vagrant 41388
13D3.12 Vagabond 59523
13FW.00 Living in temporary housing 70848
13D7.00 Sofa surfer - person of no fixed abode 97757