Name Tryglicerides
Type Biomarker
Group Biomarker
Data Sources
Clinical Terminologies Read Version 2
Codelists shah_triglycerides_plasma_dVq7JhU5RRLoSk8Na3amwn_Read2.csv shah_triglycerides_serum_dVq7JhU5RRLoSk8Na3amwn_Read2.csv
Valid Event Data Range 01/01/1999 - 01/07/2016
Sex Female
Authors Shah A
Agreement Date 23 Nov 2012
Version (UUID) Revision 1 (dVq7JhU5RRLoSk8Na3amwn)

Primary Care

In the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD, primary care data) we extracted triglyceride measurements using the structured data component of the test CPRD table (entity type 202 and 288) combined with the Read terms below.

Measurements were extracted from the data2 field and units from the data3 field. We extracted all values recorded in mmol/L (SUM lookup 96) or mg/dL (SUM lookup 82) and filtered out values below 0 or above 50 mmol/L. Where multiple measurements were present in a single consultation (identified by the consid identifier) we calculated the average.

Plasma measurements

´╗┐Read code Read term
44O8.00 Plasma VLDL triglyceride level
44e..00 Plasma triglyceride level
44e0.00 Plasma random triglyceride level

Serum measurements